Laravel Weekly #8

I changed the name again! Will this be the last time? Probably not!

I'll be tweeting these posts with #laravelweekly from now on. I also have a couple of ideas in mind for future editions for these posts. Stay tuned :)

Again, if you'd like to see your resources, packages, articles, you name it in these posts, just mention them to me on twitter or email me.

What Happened To The StackExchange Proposal?

In short: it got rejected. The people at Stack Exchange didn't feel that a separate site for Laravel was needed at this time and pointed out that StackOverflow already provided a platform that we could use.

Now this isn't a bad thing. Like they said, we can use StackOverflow for now which is still a great platform to ask questions. Just tag your posts with #laravel. It won't be a separate Laravel platform but it basically still is the same thing.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped out, we really appreciate it!

Laravel Social Groups

There are a number of social groups out there for Laravel. Here's a short list:

Laravel 4: Maintenance Mode

A recent addition in Laravel 4 beta 5 is the ability to set your application into maintenance mode through Artisan. This gives you a nice way to upgrade or tinker with your app while cutting off user interaction to it.

Laravel 4: Soft Delete

Soft deleting a record means that you're deleting a record without actually removing it from the database. This can be handy in quite some cases where you have relationships defined which you don't want to lose after deleting a record.

You can learn more about soft deleting records at the Laravel 4 docs.

Laravel 4: Generate Controllers In Subdirs

When generating controllers through Artisan, you can now generate them inside subdirs by specifing a subdir or namespace before your controller name. When specifing a namespace, the namespace will be added automatically to the file.