Laravel Learnings: Week 7

You might have noticed that my posts in this series are getting shorter. I'm trying to provide as much resources as possible in a small blog post for you to check real quick and not too much extra info. I feel this gives you a better way to check quickly what has happened in the last week and while not having to read too much.

It's the end of april which means May is almost upon us and that's when Laravel 4 gets released! The wait is almost over.

For the people who are interested, I'm doing an introduction talk about Laravel 4 on the 8th of May at MCS in Wilrijk. It's going to be a talk about the basics of Laravel and some of the new Laravel 4 functionality. You can RSVP here.

Laracon EU CFP ends on Tuesday 30 April!

Laracon EU CFP ends tomorrow. There's still time to submit yours if you want to give a 45 minute presentation at Laracon EU.

New Laravel 4 Screencasts

Taylor has been busy the past week and posted some new Laravel 4 screencasts.


As of two weeks ago, Taylor applied for membership into the PHP-FIG user group. As of this moment the vote is going great and it looks like he's going to get accepted in.

Now what is PHP-FIG exactly? It's a group of PHP developers which maintain popular PHP projects or are experts in the PHP community which got together to find ways in which they can work together. One of these ways is a set of coding standards called PSR-# which are being widely adopted by more and more PHP projects each day.

Now why is it good that Taylor is on board? When he gets on board he gets a vote on all the important decisions the PHP-FIG group takes and will help create better ways for PHP projects to work together and improve the way PHP projects, which adopted the PHP-FIG standards, can develop their projects. This will also give Laravel a better position in the ever-growing PHP community.