Laravel learnings: week 6

Small update this week. I also decided to change the name from my posts to just "Laravel" so I can post about Laravel in general and not just about Laravel 4 specifically.

Laracon EU Announced

Shawn McCool has announced the dates for Laracon EU last thursday in his Laravel talk for a PHP Amsterdam user group meeting. Mark your calendars! August 30 - 31 will be 2 days of Laravel awesomeness. The conference will take place at the Bimhuis venue in Amsterdam.

Laravel Meetup 20/04

Last night we had a Laravel meetup in Amsterdam, organised by Jeroen Gerits. We had a great time talking about Laravel and everyday things, having a few drinks and some dinner and hanging out. It was nice meeting other Laravel developers in person. Thanks to everyone who came out!

This will definitely not be the last one. Stay tuned for more meetups in the future!

Session Driver Update

Laravel's default session driver changed so make sure to update your client side code!

Laravel 4 Generators: Scaffolding

Jeffrey added scaffolding support to his generators package. Your development workflow just became even faster!