Announcing Full Stack Europe

Published on August 9, 2018

I’m very happy to announce that Freek and I are organizing a brand new conference called Full Stack Europe. The conference will take place in the city of Antwerp somewhere in spring or early summer of 2019. With the conference, we want to welcome every type of developer, whether you identify yourself as full stack or are interested in front end, back end, devops, design or anything in between. We’ve already put up a website where you can subscribe to stay informed about any news. We’ve also set up a Twitter account which you can follow. Below I’d like to tell you a little bit more about how and why we’re organizing a conference.

It’s been a little over three months since we launched the rebranding of our user group to Full Stack Antwerp. We were very happy to see it being so well received. Like we said in the announcement post: we felt that we couldn’t identify ourselves with just PHP anymore but instead wanted to offer a place for programmers from all kinds of backgrounds, being it from front-end, devops, back-end or even further. We saw our attendee numbers rise and started to get the feeling that we really made a change where lots of people could get behind.

So this made us think that we could even take it a few steps further. While the user group is moving along steadily, we’re looking to see if we can offer a different kind of experience but on a larger scale. This is why we decided to start a new conference in line with the user group.

The name is a continuation with our two other projects: Full Stack Antwerp (the user group) and Full Stack Belgium (the Belgian Slack community). We chose Europe because we wanted to indicate that we’re aiming to target the international developer community and not just the Belgian community. We don’t even want to stop besides Europe, everyone from outside Europe is welcome as well of course. But since the conference will be organised in Europe, it made more sense.

Full Stack Europe will be a conference aimed at offering talks for developers who want to learn across different types of skills. If you’re a back end developer and want to learn more devops, if you’re a front end developer who wants to improve his design skills, if you’re an infrastructure engineer but want to improve your coding skills, the opportunities are endless. We want to promote and encourage developers to step out of their comfort zones and improve not only their existing skills but learn new ones as well at the same time. Needless to say, the conference will offer a wide variety of different topics and speakers.

At the moment we’re still working on sorting the details and specifics but we wanted to let you know about the conference already and for those who are interested we prepared a signup form for our newsletter. If you sign up here you’ll be the first in line for announcements and the first one for now and in the future to be able to buy tickets once they’re available. Sign up and you’ll also be the first to know when we announce speakers.

We’re very excited about all of this and hope you are too. But at the same time we realise this is quite the undertaking and nothing like organising a user group. In the next coming months Freek and I will be working hard to make sure this will be an experience to remember for our attendees. We’re eager to share more details soon so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about anything new.

Thanks for reading!

Freek & Dries

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